A new Beginning

Recently I made the difficult decision to move abroad. The circumstances that made me take that decision are well known and common to many Venezuelans that have made the same decision, so I am not going to talk about it here.

In this journey I landed in beautiful Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA. It is no coincidence that I landed here, this is a place I know very well since I lived here for about 3 years, I also have many friends in this town, some of them are more than friends, I consider them more like a family. I have been blessed to have such friends, who have taken me into their home and helped me make this transition.

I will start writing in English in this blog, the subjects will still be the same, with the only difference that I will not be talking about Venezuelan politics here.

I have been looking for a Job, so far I have seen interest from many companies, I have even been interviewed by a couple of them. Hopefully something will come my way. In the mean time I will be working in some personal and not so personal projects.

We will see where I end up next.